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We use a lot of resources to make sure we provide the best football betting tips that are sure, consistent and profitable to our customers. At least 100 customers change a serious aspect of their lives everyday for the better thanks to Surebets provided by us. Our free tips are good but to really change your life  even if momentarily, upgrade to one of our packages especially the Fixed Matches.


  1. Turin vs Virtus Entella 1 (Odds) 1.36

  2. Sampdoria vs Genoa 1 (Odds) 1.96

  3. Barrow vs Afc Wimbledon 2 (Odds) 2.37

  4. Leganes vs Spanish 2 (Odds) 2.52

  5. Cska Sofia vs Bsc Young Boys 2 (Odds) 1.86

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Detailed Analysis of Today's FREE sure bet tips 27th November 2020

Leganes vs Zaragoza (1) - Surebet Prediction

Leganes are be looking for another win coming into this match after a recent impressive run of good form. They haven’t been able to stop scoring goals, finding the back of the net in each and every one of their last couple of games. With no two games being the same, it will get tricky but we have to give it a thought. The home team come to this match being so tough from the last almost 5 league games that have seen them record the best results. The sure bet prediction probability lies on Leganes to win this match.

Bsc Young Boys vs Roma (2) - Surebet Prediction

Of the 16 H2H matches played between these two teams, Young boys has won 7 having scored 13 goals and conceded 7. Roma on the other half have had an encouraging form having won 8 games out of the 16 matches played and only scored 10 goals and conceding 6. This averages to 1.84 rate of goals scored per match for Roma. A sure and safest odd and bet for this match is actually a win for the away team whom look so much focused coming in to this match. Surebet prediction is a win for Roma.


Cska Sofia vs Cfr Cluj (2) - Surebetsite Tips

Strong recent and past performances that Cluj have demonstrated lead us to understand that the prospects for away win are quite OK and phenomenon for this match. Expertise football analytical and prediction sites have also supported this prediction by far and large. The bad display of results by Sofia gives and understanding that they might not be able to record either a win or a draw in this match. Sure bet site predicts a win for Cluj which is the away team in this match.

Real Oviedo vs Rayo Vallecano ( 2) - Sure bet Tips

​In the previous 16 meeting between these two teams has seen Real Oviedo win 10 games having scored 22 goals and conceded 23 goals this translates to 1.21 rate of goals scored per match against their rivals. Rayo Vallecano have on the other half won only 7 games having scored only 13 goals and conceded 22. This averages to 1.21 rate of goals scored per match and 2.21 goals conceded per match against their big rivals Oviedo. This prediction is rather open than not and is a clear way  and a sure bet for the  away team to have their win.


Mallorca vs Albacete Balompie (1) - Surebet prediction

Of the last home matches played Mallocra have won almost all the games, drawing 2 and lost 1 of the last 11 games scoring a total of 15 goals and conceding 7. This gives them a goals rate of 1.75 of goals per game. Balompie have a home form of 1.00. They however have a floppy away form and is now more easy to have a good prediction over this game as the team is having won only 1 match drawing 1 and loosing 3 matches, conceded 15 goals and scored only 7 goals showing their current bad run of form. Balompie are not likely to win this match granting Mallorca which is at home the upper head. Sure bet for this match would be a win for Mallorca.




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Please not due to a large number of screenshots we may not feature all screenshots. All screenshots remain anonymous. Make sure not to screenshot sensitive information such as your name, username or other credentials that may identify you.

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Below are sample sure betting predictions archives from Surebet. You can click on any link and review our winning rates for the past year. Remember we provide the best sure bet tips in the world. They include sure bet predictions for the first 6 months for last year (2018) and others for some random days. The main purpose of availing these archives to you is for trust. We believe you might want to see our past winning records. They have all the matches we predicted during those periods and as you can see for yourself. we did not win 100% but our winning rate is always over 90%. Consistency is our motto. Where can you find such a winning rate for surebet tips? Nowhere except on Surebet. Learn also how to do your own Mathematical and Scientific sure bet predictions.


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Sure bet predictions is every punter’s dream. You must have come across this term quite often you are the betting type, which I highly suspect you are. Let us start with the definition of sure bet predictions.

Definition: Sure bet predictions

These are forecasts about outcomes of specific matches with absolute certainty. This means there are no chances of losing on a bet placed on an outcome deemed to be a sure betting tips.

But the big question is; do sure betting odds even exist?

This might surely be a subjective topic. It, therefore, depends whom you ask. If you ask a person who works in a match-fixing office (yes, such offices exist), the answer would be a straightforward yes. By the virtue that there exist fixed matches, the expected outcomes of fixed matches can be called sure bet predictions without any fears of contradiction.

If you ask a betting expert like myself (Yes, I like beating my own drum….just kidding, am just a humble actuary with interest in the betting sector…or am I?) I will give a detailed methodology of making your own sure bet tips or refer you to the most profitable Sure bet prediction site I know…and own. Jokes aside, let me help you know how to come up with your own opportunities of winning virtually every bet you set your eyes on, whatever the outcome.

Note that this does not involve any software to look for odd differences across different betting platforms. No. We are going to use the good old excel sheet, a set of simple formulae and an average human brain.

Today we shall look into how you can come up with your own sure bet of the day today and tonight and win bets every time. Now you could be asking yourself if that is even remotely possible. I am here to here to assure you that it is very possible to not lose your bets if you follow the procedure I am going to outline below.

Before I delve into the steps, I would like to make sure you have a clue what we are going to do.


This method essentially needs you to place bets on different platforms, sometimes opposing bets. Then make sure you are available during the 90 minutes the match or matches play so that you can take advantage of live betting. You can never go wrong if you do that.


1. Register on at least 3 betting platforms that support live betting

2. Deposit some money into each of the betting sites in the ratio 100:100:2000

3. Identify football matches with home odds exceeding 3 but less than 5

4. Download and open the Sure bet arbitration excel sheet

5. Decide the percentage of profit you want to win from the bet

6. Fill in details (such as odds & your initial capital) on the bet the top row

7. Observe and review the generated data such as expected profit.

8. Place wagers on the home team and the draw as per the recommendations from the sure bet arbitration sheet

9. If the home team scores first, place the final wager on the away team using rations from the Sure bet arbitration sheet

10. If the home team scores first, wait till the last quarter of the game and place a recommended wager on the away team.

If you follow the steps above, you will not lose any of your bets and you will make a profit in each and every bet you place. This is, therefore, the ultimate method of making your own sure bet today and winning every time you play.


1. Register on at least 3 betting platforms that support live betting

The first step is making sure you have registered on different betting platforms. Remember nobody restricts from using as many betting platforms as you can.

To use this arbitration method, for instance, you need to have multiple memberships since you will be required to place opposing bets on the same match. Many betting sites do not allow opposing single bets on their sites.

To put this into perspective, imagine you were a member of 3 betting sites and you place different wagers on one 1X2 market for the match on those 3 sites. You are guaranteed to win one of them. Either a home win, a draw or an away win. This is already a sure prediction. However, you are cork sure 2 of the bets will lose. This, therefore, would not be profitable either in the short term and the long term.

The Sure bet arbitration method, however, removes the risk factor and ensures that this method is profitable and risk-free.

If you have been a consistent member of one betting company, am proud to let you know that there are countless betting platforms online. As long as a company is allowed to provide services in your country, supports your familiar language and has reasonable odds for matches there would be no reason not to try them out.

Below are some of the betting companies you might consider:

· Sportpesa

· Betin

· Bwin


· Sportybet

· Bet9ja

· Betway

2. Deposit some money into each of the sure betting tips sites in the ratio 100:100:2000

Now that you are a member of 3 betting platforms, it is time to fund your accounts. Most sports betting companies support payments made by credit card, PayPal, Skrill, MasterCard, Visa, Mobile money such as Mpesa and so on.

Go ahead and fund your 3 accounts in the ratio 100:100:2000 or simply 1:1:20. Make sure the platform where you fund the largest portion of money supports live betting. That is the account we shall be monitoring to make sure profits from every game. It is actually better to have all your betting platforms supporting live betting because you might want to interchange them at some point for one reason or another.

3. Identify football matches with home odds exceeding 3 but less than 5

After funding all your accounts with money in the ratio I gave above to proceed to identify a match that you want to make sure profits from. Make sure the home odds of that match are between 3 and 5. This basically means taking those teams hosting stronger teams than themselves but not too strong.

Below is a screenshot of such an example.

The reason we use such teams is that weaker teams are often underestimated while playing at home. They, therefore, come with larger odds. This will ensure that we stake minimum wager on the home team with a significant winning amount. Remember we shall be taking on the home team and the draw and leave out the away win for the live betting.

This rule is however not cast on stone. As you become an expert, like me, in sure bet tips, you will be able to even reverse the order of the odds superiority arrangement and use this method with the away team and the draw. I will, however, cover that later in this article.

4. Download and open the Sure bet arbitration excel sheet

Download the following surebet tips arbitration excel sheet on your computer and save it to a folder of your choice. If you want to do much arbitration, then save it on your desktop for easier access.

This sheet will not only help you win in sure bet tips but also make your betting organized and be able to track your profits every day. It is therefore self-contained for expert-level betting. When you open the downloaded sheet you will realize it contains the following columns:

a) Date – this column shows the date of the match and you will fill it first thing you start using this sheet every day.

b) Time – The second column is where you enter the time of the day when the match starts according to your time zone. You can also change the time and date formats to suit your preferences or your country’s official format.

c) Home Team

d) Away team

e) Home odds – these are the odds allocated for the team playing at home.

f) Draw odds – These are odds for a draw.

g) Away odds – these are odds for the away team winning. Fill these odds for your select match. They are important in making this sheet work; properly utilizing the inbuilt formulae.

h) Sum of odds – Do not change. It is just an addition of all odds.

i) Base – this is by default 100. Leave it as such since it only helps the formula work

j) 1R/XR/2R – These columns are there to support the formula. Do not touch them

k) Investment - This column is where you enter the total amount you want to use on this bet. Since this is a sure bet, do not be afraid to put a large amount. It is by default set to 1000. You can change it to suit your betting book and your financial status of course.

l) Target – This is where you decide the amount of profit you need for this bet. I advise you to target minimum profits so that you do not complicate your system. Larger targets will mean spending more on live betting. The default is a 5% profit target. With 1000 you, therefore, are guaranteed to make 1050 from the bet. To change this, just double click on the cell and change the 105% I the cell to say 110% if you need a 10% profit from the sure bet wins.

m) Fixed bet 1 odds/fixed bet 2 odds – these are the odds of the bets you are going to make before live betting. Leave the columns as they are because they will be filled automatically unless you want to alter your choices.

n) Fixed amount 1 – This column will automatically be filled with the amount you should invest in the first bet given the odds and the profit margin you target.

o) Fixed amount 2 - this column will also auto-fill after you enter the odds and profit margin targets. This is the amount you will bet on the draw.

p) Total fixed amount – this is the sum of the two amounts above. It will show you how much you have already spent on the first two bets as you wait for the match to start for you to head to the 3rd site for live betting.

q) Balance – the balance of your investment after you have placed the initial 2 bets. (automated)

r) Break-even odds – Shows you the odds of the 3rd bet (live bet) that you will need (assuming you bet with the remaining balance so as to break even on your investment.

s) Profitable odds – These are odds for the 3rd bet (live betting) that you will need so as to break even and make the profit according to your target margin. These odds go considerably higher when you increase your profit margin.

5. Decide the percentage of profit you want to win from the bet

As shown in the column explanation above, there is an option to choose how much profit you target in any bet. The most realistic and easiest target margin is 5%. You can, however, experiment with 10% or 20% profit margin. These higher profit margins will, however, raise the amount you would need in live betting. To change the profit margin on the Surebet arbing sheet, simply double click on the target column cell and change the default 105% to your preferred percentage. If you are not good in math here is a guideline to changing the target profit margin:

· 1% Profit Margin – change to 101%

· 2% Profit Margin – change to 102%

· 10% Profit Margin – change to 110%

· 15% Profit Margin – change to 115%

· And so on…

6. Fill in details (such as odds & your initial capital) on the bet the top row

The sure betting predictions sheet gives you the freedom to change the following parameters:

· Date

· Time

· Teams

· Odds

· Investment

· Profit margin

· Salvage odds

· Salvage amount.

At this stage, however, you only need to change all the above except for the last two which I will explain later but right here on this post.

7. Observe and review the generated data such as expected profit.

Make sure your excel sheet works properly and the other automate columns change accordingly when the non-automated cells change their value.

This to look for include the profits expected (in the target column) etc. If you do have a clue how excel spreadsheets work you may have to look out for a simple excel tutorial such as this to get you to speed.

8. Place wagers on the home team and the draw as per the recommendations from the sure bet arbitration sheet

After you have made sure your excel sheet and the inbuilt formulas are working properly, it is time to place real bets. I assume you have decided on your profit margin and your investment. By now, the fixed amount 1 & 2 columns has been populated with amounts.

Use those amounts to place bets for the home team and the draw. This should be done on two different sites. Place the bets with confidence, this is a sure win you are making yourself and you are not going to lose a penny. You shall make a profit from this bet trust me.

9. If the home team scores first, place the final wager on the away team using rations from the Sure bet arbitration sheet

Here is the real catch, if the home team scores first, the odds for the away team will go up. Forget about the draw and the home win.

Already, the wagers we placed ensure that we make our profit whichever of them wins. So now, compare the risen odds of the away team with the ones on the “profitable odds” column. If the risen odds on live betting are equal to or exceed the “profitable odds” then lace a bet as well on the away team with the remaining amount of your investment.

There you have it, a sure bet.

If the home team wins the match, you will get a 5% profit (of the % of your target profit margin). If the match ends in a draw, you still get your 5% profit. If the match ends in an away win, then you either make a 5% profit or more depending on the odds of the away team by the time you placed the bet. If the away team’s odds rise significantly and you place your last bet on them then they end up winning the match, you will be assured of large profits of as much as 500% or more.

But wait, there is the last and most important step. What if the away team scores first and the odds drop significantly?

10. If the away team scores first, wait till the last quarter of the game and place a recommended wager on the away team.

If the away team scores first, then their odds will plummet. Considering you had already put wagers on the home team and the draw, this might sound like something that would cause jitters in your stomach.

Surebet has however taken care of that in the sure bet prediction arbitration system. If such a scenario happens, and it will more often than not, here is what to do:

  • Notice the “salvage odds” and “salvage amount” on the columns on the right.

  • Wait until you are sure this game will most certainly end in an away win

  • Make sure live betting for the match is not deactivated before you act.

  • Especially if the away team adds another goal and the match is in the second half but the live betting is still active.

  • Or if the away team maintains the lead with just one goal and it is well into the 80th minute…

  • Enter the new lowered odds on the “salvage odds” column cell.

  • Based on your profit margin target and your already used amount, the arbitration sheet will auto-generate the amount you need to immediately wager on the low odds so that any way you still will make your 5% profit if the away team wins. This new amount might be significantly larger than the other 2 initial amounts due to the low live betting odds.

  • Bet on the away team and pray that no drastic event takes place to change the outcome.

  • We refer this to “salvaging a bet”

By doing so, you will win your profit when the away team wins. That means you have won the bet no matter what! You managed to make a profit.

That is how simply you can make your own sure bet predictions or any and every game and still win profit.


Even the most advanced system of doing anything has to prepare for a worst-case scenario that can cause a system failure. Here are the extreme scenarios which you might not be able to defend against if they strike:

  • If a team you have already paid for a salvage amount concedes at the very last minute

  • If the live score betting for your salvage match gets deactivated before you salvage a bet.

  • If you forget about a match you needed to salvage well into when you cannot be able to.

  • A hat trick of some sort after you have salvaged a match

These extreme scenarios aside, this still is the best method for you to bet on your own sure bet predictions and win in all bets.

Forward this strategy and the link of this post to your friends and help them start winning sure bets every day courtesy of our Surebet Prediction Arbitration System (SPAS).

Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know if you agree with our invention or if you have other ideas of making your own sure bet tips and winning without losing any bet.


  1. Sure bet predictions are only close to 100% accurate, not exactly 100%.

  2. Use different betting sites to place your sure bets. If you use only one you might be blocked by the bookmaker for winning too much.

  3. Do not trust everyone who claims to offer sure bet predictions, do your own research and find out legitimate Sure bet sites.

  4. Do not be stuck with 1 betting market. Find out on other betting markets. Start by reading the betting markets you didn't know exist on sportpesa.

  5. Sure bet tips are rare, be proceed with caution when you find some easily or too cheaply.

  6. Avoid large multi bets of surebet tips and predictions. The fewer the combinations the better.

  7. Take full advantage of arbitration opportunities. The profits might be low but the associated risk is practically zero.

  8. Compare sure predictions given by different sure bet prediction sites and give priority to those predictions that appear more than one or two sites.

  9. Be careful with fixed matches, you might find yourself breaking the law if you use illegal sites.

  10. Be organized and have a sure betting strategy. Avoid betting blindly or carelessly


  1. FREE SURE BET PREDICTIONS- These are free betting tips given by online and offline sure bet prediction sites such as Freesupertips. They are given freely everyday and you can access them even right now as we speak. The problem with these sure bet sites is that they are mostly interested with ad revenue and forget to give good sure bet tips that enable sure bet clients to make profits. Before you use the free tips however, make sure you read how to bet on football matches and win.

  2. SUREBET SURE BET TIPS - These are predictions that are given by sites such as ours. In fact they are called Surebet because only Surebetsite gives them. They are a collection of tips from the top 10 football prediction sites globally. The collection is then sieved to remove those that do not appear on at least 3 of the betting tips sites. The remaining ones are usually 100% accurate soccer surebet predictions. We did an article about the source of sure bet prediction and you can read it on our blog.

  3. FIXED MATCHES​ - There is a slightly different type of sure bet predictions that deals with what is known as match fixing. This these sites may be operating legally or illegally, so I advise you to approach them with caution and make sure you ascertain the legality of their predictions. If you are in Kenya for instance, here are some of the fixed matches sites in Kenya.

  4. ARBITRATION SURE BETTING PREDICTIONS - these involve odd differences across different betting platforms which lead to opportunities of betting on a particular set of all possible outcomes and locking in some profit without the possibility of a loss. You can get such arbitration sure bet tips from arbitration websites such as Surebets. You can also use our very own Surebet Prediction Arbitration System which you can use to make your own sure bet predictions and win in every bet.


  1. Where do sure bet predictions come from? - Sure bet predictions are sourced from the leading dealers of football betting tips in the world. Together with expert analysis of the Sure bet team, we provide you the best deal in this market. 

  2. Who is eligible to use surebet prediction? - Any person over the age of 18 years from all the countries that allow sports betting is eligible to use sure bet prediction. The countries that we serve include but not limited to Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Italy, Vietnam, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Russia, Germany, China, Saudi Arabia and many many more.

  3. Are Surebet predictions 100% correct? - We are 100% sure that there is no other sure bet predictions and tips company in the world that has a higher rate of winning than Surebet. That is the reason our clients are loyal because we help them make money through football betting consistently.

  4. What are the leagues that your surebet prediction come from? - Sure bet predictions come from leagues such as the English Premier League, Championship, Italy's Serie A, Serie B, Germany Bundesliga 1 and 2, Eredivisie, Ekstraklas, Turkey Liga, Kenya Premier League and dozens of other leagues.

  5. How do I pay for sure bet predictions? - You can pay for sure bet prediction using your Visa Credit card, Master Card or any other credit card or debit card. You can also pay using mobile money by Mpesa or MTN or Vodafone. Finally, you can easily pay by PayPal. You just have to click on one of the packages above and payment will be smooth safe and secure.

  6. How many odds do Surebet tips come with? - Surebet predictions come with varied odds. The usual range lies between 50 odds to 150 odds. They might not see like much but they are sure odds. 

  7. What type of tips do you give? - We give you tips majorly on football betting. We also plan to give odds for other sports like Hockey, NBA, basketball, and volleyball, but for now, we are doing only soccer prediction.



How to win a bet every time

Since betting is a risk-laden practice, it is advisable that you learn as much as possible how to get value bets which will then lead to getting value for your money. There are 10 steps to winning in betting according to Wales Online. In their article titled "How to win at betting in 10 easy steps the bookies don't want you to know" they have advised using the following steps in order to win consistently in betting:

  1. Know your sport inside out

  2. The favorite doesn't always win

  3. Don't just stick to one bookmaker – shop around

  4. The fewer selections, the better

  5. Avoid the temptation of odds-on prices

  6. Consider the less obvious markets

  7. 7. Make sure you understand the markets

  8. Don't bet with your heart

  9. Pick your moment

  10. It pays to follow less popular sports

I recommend that you read the full article here

What if the prediction is wrong?

Betting is a risky affair. Therefore it is not hard to lose in a match whose prediction you have received from any source. In the unfortunate event that the prediction is wrong, it is advisable to stay calm and try again on a different occasion. It is also a rule of thumb that you should only bet with money you can afford to lose. 

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